mShout is a communication platform that enables you to reach out to several people in your group or organization. mShout can be effective for a diverse range of users such as vegetable vendors, groups with common interests and professional teams. The platform is collaborative and anyone can start one for their group, and users can view posts without having to sign up.

Available Features

  • Broadcast messages
    Messages can be broadcast to the whole group in real time.
  • Predefined-Templates
    Rather than having to rewrite common messages all the time, mShout enables you to create templates through which pre-written messages can be selected and sent.
  • Diverse Typologies
    You can create organizations with templates and typologies – for instance, you can associate a particular template with an organization such as a school.
  • User notification
    Users can ‘ring’ a bell, that will notify others in the group within a 100 metre range.
  • Multiple groups
    You can create multiple groups under which you can have several users.
    Users can create reminders that can be automatically sent to group members.
  • Multiple administrators
    Multiple administrators can be assigned to various groups.
  • Lightweight technology
    The technology is lightweight enabling faster and easier usage.
  • Mobile friendly
    The tool can be used via an Android app or a desktop browser.